Air Conditioning

  • Redifinition of air conditioning

    Air conditioning does a lot more than just cool or heat air; it offers perfect temperature equilibrium of new air and humidity, purifying the air so that you may enjoy comfort levels all year. Nevertheless, the increase in energy prices and the growing concerns with the environment mean that air conditioning also has to be energetically efficient. An air conditioning system, with a heat pump, Daikin offers an "all in one" solution prepared to function with a superior energy efficiency which protects the environment we live in.

    Energetically intelligent solutions

    It is more important than ever that air conditioning be as efficient as possible due to the increase in energy costs. Our air conditioning systems with heat pump are energetically intelligent because they are elegant and have specific controls in each division, allow weekly programming and have sensors to reduce consumption when nobody is home.

    Silent and elegant units

    Daikin has received various prizes for their elegant interior unit. We offer a vast variety of units to be installed on the wall, the floor and hidden in the ceiling which fit in to any interior. The units are practically unnoticed while they work maintaining perfect interior conditions.

    Perfect for new houses and for renovation projects

    The versatile range of the air conditioning heat pump from Daikin is ideal, whether you are renovating your house or constructing a new project. Regardless off the age of your property, the Daikin air conditioning with heat pump is guaranteed to last many years, offering a trust worthy service in any season of the year.