Solar Systems

Technical Solar System - Solius - Intelligent Ener
  • Imagine having hot water, reducing the energy costs and causing a positive effect on environment, only with the energy the sun has to offer you. The thermic solar collectors convert the solar energy into heat, used to heat water even on days with very low radiation.During a year a system of solar thermic collectors can supply up to 80% of your water. Portugal is one of the European countries with most solar availability

    Easy installation

    The solar panels are conceived in o way for easy, simple and fast installation, without putting aside the quality factor.
    This is possible because innovative connections systems are used via flexible metal unions.

    Integrable systems in any construction

    The versatile variety of the panel support structures, together with the easy installation allow the Solius thermic solar systems to adapt easily to any type of construction.

    Quality guarantee

    The Solius products are fabricated with high quality materials and with innovative production systems.

    Environmental protection

    We put at your disposal a solar system of high quality and durability with which you may use energy which is free of harmful emissions thus contributing to environmental protection.

    Reduction of energy costs

    The Solius thermic solar systems are highly efficient as they ensure an optimal exploitation of solar energy and contribute to maximum energy saving.