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Why Algarhouse?

Algarhouse is one of the only companies in Algarve, where you find all maintenance services, therefor it is not necessary to contact various different companies to resolve eventual problems in your property.

Our philosophy

We are focused on a professional and serious relationship, offering a service based on p to date know-how and innovative products, with the objective of supplying the best technical solutions for your property and at the same time guaranty owe company alone to answer all maintenance services.

Quality service
  • Flexibility
  • Innovation + new technology
  • Personalized solutions
  • Immediate resolutions to problems
  • Multilingual team
  • A team with Know-How
  • Professional technicians with continuous upgrading
  • Qualified technicians for each sector
  • Control of the works with detailed descriptions
  • Portfolio – Regular maintenance in over 300 properties
  • Satisfied clients and high rate of recommendation